• A Community of trusted connections

    • Share your Skills and Knowledge
    • Connect, Help and Make a Difference
    • Do Some Good in The World
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  • Designed to do some good

    We all have skills and knowledge that we can share – why not share it with others who are just degrees of separation away from your best friends?

    What do you get in return?

    • Access a network of trusted connections for support.
    • Help each other with everyone’s unique skillset and knowledge.
    • Depend on a closed-knit network of individuals who value altruism, trust and privacy.
  • We Value Trust

    We understand the importance of trust in any community.

    That's why you can only invite 3 others to join your close knit circle.
    In turn, they invite their top 3 and so on.

    We respect your privacy as well. Someone unrelated to your network can never see your profile, posts or spam you.

    Join us and help make a positive difference in the world.

    Power of 3
  • WHY 3?

    Each user can nominate 3 others to be part of their network. These are family, friends and confidants the user trusts and relies upon for their integrity, knowledge, skillset and support.

    We believe that limiting connections means higher quality of relationships.

    Tap into each other's strengths. Connect with other like-minded and trusted individuals. Help make tomorrow a better place.

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    We will be piloting THE GOOD NETWORK with limited users and some shakers and movers.

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